Solar system (PV) calculation and design.

Written by – MD. Atiar Ali (EEE, UITS)

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Solar panel (PV) is a device which can convert energy from light energy (proton) to electrical energy. Each panel is rated by its DC output power. Currently the best commercial solar panel (PV) efficiency is around 17.4%. Solar panels are normally 12V DC output. In large solar panel 24V or 48V DC output also seen.

A technical specification (backside of a solar panel) given below.

Normally a few common specification are seen all types of solar panel

Like Nominal voltage, Maximum Voltage, Open circuit Voltage, Maximum Current, Short Circuit Current, Maximum System Voltage, and Maximum Power.

Maximum Power: it means it can deliver maximum 20 Watts electricity. If we need total 100 Watts then we need to setup 5 panel in parallel or series (depend on design).

Maximum Voltage: it means its maximum output voltage is 17.6V

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