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In the Open Air

Published by Jon Burr at Smashwords.

Copyright 2013 Jon Burr

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Just inside the forest’s shade came the innocent cackle of children.

Brother and sister, they kicked pine cones and threw rocks and fought with sticks in a woody glade. Their movement sent the insects and creatures of the dirt and trees scattering for cover, cowering into dark holes and sheltered nests. A whirling dervish of freedom, the two spun and circled until they collapsed to the ground and breathed heavily while staring at the clouds.

Sensing calm, squirrels craned their curious necks around tree trunks; birds landed on nearby limbs; deer began to move from their leafy camouflage. A briefly stalled many-cogged machine, the activities of the forest creatures slowly resumed.


The piercing metal on metal call of a dinner bell rang out.


Pine needles were thrown into the air as the children shuffled and scrambled to their feet to leave the glade. Their spot in the wood was once again in commotion, and the forest's creatures ducked back into their hideaways.

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