After having performed many types of exorcism on people, objects, animals, buildings and geographical areas under the direction of Spirit, I began teaching others how to do so as well. As the years went by students became practitioners of the removal of Darkness. They came from all walks of life, religious and spiritual backgrounds and geographical localities. One of the requests they made was that a basic handbook be written for clients to help maintain keeping Darkness at bay and having more control over their spiritual and physical life and environment. So by the necessity of need this book is written. May those who read it be empowered and blessed.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Who is touched by Darkness?

Chapter 2 - The balance between the Darkness and Light

Chapter 3 - What are these Dark things?

Chapter 4 - No feeding the Darkness

Chapter 5 - Is it really Darkness or is it just life?

Chapter 6 - About clearing yourself and your environment

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