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  1. Chapter I

“Oh for Christ's sake,” the red-haired eighteen year-old cried. “Just hold it still.”

“My sarong fell off,” an annoyed voice yelled from underneath a green piece of canvas. A crop of red hair, attached to another teenager, emerged from underneath the circular tent, and the young lady frantically retied the red fabric around her naked body. “Stop gettin' at me Paige,” she moaned.

The 5ft 7in Paige ran her hands through her hair, pushing it behind her ears. “Half an hour, we've been trying to put this tent up,” she snapped at her little sister. “You're in the tent, does it matter if you're naked? Honestly, Hazel, just …”

The younger girl grunted and scowled. “You know I hate it here. You know I hate people seeing me … like this.”

“Then don't bloody come to a naturist camp site then,” the eighteen year old spat.

“I didn't want to come, you know that. Mum and Dad made me.”

Paige closed her eyes and counted to three. “Can we please just get this tent up?” The naked girl sighed and watched as her sixteen year-old sister tried to put the sarong around her bosom, but it came loose as she bent down and she dropped the pole for the second time in as many minutes. “Hazel,” Paige yelled at her. “Mum and Dad'll be back soon. They've only gone to the Supermarket. Useless little …”

“Go and do one,” Hazel snapped aggressively, gesturing rudely towards her elder sibling and kicked the pole with a clatter as she walked away from the crumpled canvas.

“Yeah, go on. Go! I'll get Jeremy to help me.” Paige bellowed at the retreating figure of her younger sister, who took her silky sarong and held it around her body, before grabbing her book from the grass and walking purposely towards the little club house.

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