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The Land and the People: A Short Nigerian Story.

The area called Nigeria today through archaeological findings showed that man inhabited the area for several thousands of years ago and has undergone various stages of human development which has moulded it to what it is today.

Land: It is estimated that there are over 141million inhabitants occupying the area called Nigeria according to the 2006 population census, which makes her the most populated West African country. With latitude 4• and 14• North and longitude 3• and 14• East, it is bounded by the Republics of Niger and Chad to the North, Benin to the West, Cameroon to the East and the Atlantic coast to the South.

It has a land mass of about 923,765km with a distance of about 1100km from the edge of the Northern part to the extreme Southern part and about 120km from the East to the West. The country is dissected by the river Niger and Benue which are the majors rivers. These rivers meet in Lokoja which is located in modern day Kogi and thus she adopted the slogan" The Confluence State. Other important rivers include Kaduna, Cross, Imo etc.

Geology and Relief: The. Nations rocks can be categorised into five groups;

-Pre-cambrian rocks: this are seen in the East west and North Central areas of the nation. Though their origins are obscure, the are heavy metamorphosed rocks.

-Cretaceous rocks: found in the basin of Niger Benue and Cross River, the make up nearly 29% of the total area of phanerzoic deposits on earth's land mass because of the great extent of their out crop area and presence in drill cores.

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