What others are saying about Faulty Assumptions

“Thanks Jason, for such a wonderful book! The stories about real students, families, your experiences, and teachers were riveting, touching, moving, sobering, poignant, thought provoking, and captivating. Your conceptual underpinnings were like Hansel and Gretel's ginger bread trail leading the reader piece by piece to a holistic, heartfelt, authentic, integrated landing."

“It's incredible; a non-fiction book that's a real page-turner. I found Faulty Assumptions hard to put down as I raced to read about Jason Davis's next anecdote and his next frustration. As I am a substitute teacher, I could relate to his dealings with student behavior problems and now have a better insight into what those disruptive students' backgrounds may be. An emotional journey into the public education trenches and a hopeful roadmap to a better way through, Faulty Assumptions is a thought provoking guide (and a great read) for anyone concerned about our public education system.”

“Thoughtful and poignant, he takes us into a world even some teachers may not have seen. Jason Davis lays his years of public teaching and administrating out before us with both hopeful and heart-wrenching stories, slowly guiding us through his quest to bring his students onto a level playing field. He lets the students do much of the talking and allows us to make our own discoveries, and come to realize the conclusions before guiding us once more toward a place where we might finally find some solutions. If you think you already know the answer--wait, and finish the book! He not only brings a fresh perspective to rekindle a long standing debate, but backs it up with enough examples to keep the fire lit. What a way to start the conversation again!! Parents, and everyone involved in children's education or school administration should read this.”

“Every teacher and parent with school age children should read this book…”

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