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The Fourth Triumvir

Created by Kyle Gerald Lambert

Towers Episode One: The Fourth Triumvir

Kyle Gerald Lambert

Published by Kyle Gerald Lambert at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Kyle Gerald Lambert

For Avery

In a world after humans,

where animals have evolved to rule in our image;

a group of freedom fighters vie for

separation from the tyrannical TRIUMVIRATE.

This REBELLION, aloft in the heavens with

numerous other kin, call the TOWERS their home,

majestic wonders built millions of years

ago; before the humans' extinction.

Punishing any form of disobedience with

a painful and humiliating death – The Triumvirate

maintains a steadfast societal dominance. In a desperate attempt

to gain the upper hand, the rebels have employed the services of VALESSA, a young

vulpine spy – skilled in the art of extracting information.

Sending her to The Triumvirate's Amphitheatre, the minuscule

chance of attaining key intelligence is all that stands in the way

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