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by Dawn Harshaw

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In the animal biosphere, the harshness of nature and predators serve to cull those weak of body. For humans, religion and society serve a similar purpose: they organize into predominantly hierarchical structures so that collective weakness of mind is minimized.

The tragedy of humanity is that we have no predators for the weakness of spirit - unfortunately, self-responsibility never truly caught on the way sociopathy did.

- Dreamer's Handbook

The woman suspiciously eyed the offered bag. "What's that?"

"Two days worth of food rations and a bottle of clean water," Leona said. "Here, just take it!"

The woman ruffled her unkempt hair while mulling over. "And what would I have to do in return?"

"Nothing at all! It's a gift."

She grabbed the bag from Leona and held it firmly against her chest. After long seconds of no one trying to take it away, she muttered a 'thank you'.

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