Shannah Jay

In Azaray a magic sword has sung all true Kings to the throne. But Pavros, a powerful wizard, has overcome the sword and killed the true king, whose brother now rules.

He cannot destroy the sword, so has scattered it across the ring of worlds. The hilt lies on one world, the scabbard on another and the blade on a third.

The true king’s three children, two boys and a girl were rescued from Pavros by the Halishi, a magical race working for peace. Ronan, Kerril and Shayla have been raised secretly, each on a different world but when they are 14, the Halishi have no choice but to make them aware of their destiny, which is to reunite the three parts of the sword and regain the throne for Ronan, the eldest.

This is the tale of that great and magical adventure, as the children cross from one world to the next to rescue the parts of the sword, avoiding magical traps and battling against fearsome enemies and the most powerful magician ever known.

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