Volume One

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I work in an office with many women, but there is one in particular that I like. Her name is Ellen. She is about five foot seven, with big blue eyes and a nice smile. I’d say she is about 140 pounds. I have always had a shoe fetish, and a trample fetish, for as long as I can remember. Ellen always wore good shoes, by that I mean nice high heels that I liked, or nice boots, and sometimes even nice running shoes. It was hard to concentrate on work when she was around, as I found myself always looking at her shoes. She had a habit of tapping her high heels on the floor as she sat at her desk, and the sound they made just about drove me wild. Her desk was very close to mine in the office, and I would often find myself daydreaming about being under her shoes as she trampled me.

On this particular day, we were both on the night shift, which meant we were the only ones in the building. We both did data entry and maintained the computer system. I noticed when Ellen arrived for work that night, she had on her black leather high heel pumps with black soles and a little bow on the heel. The heels were about four and a half inches high. Of all the pumps I’d seen her wear, these were my favorites. My member got hard quickly when I saw her walk in wearing these shoes and a tight pair of jeans.

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