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The Engelking Letters

A Collection of Letters Written by or Pertaining to Ferdinand Friedrich Engelking 1810-1885
Translated and Edited from the German by Flora von Roeder
Edited and set byStephen A. Engelking© 2012 Published by the Hugh & Helene Schonfield World Service Trust

Johannesstrasse 12 D-78609 Tuningen Germany

27 Delancey Street London NW1 7RX

Translated by and with Annotations from

Flora von Roeder

© 2012 Flora von Roeder and Stephen A. Engelking

Smashwords Edition

Mrs. Friedrike Engelking, née Niemann, Mother of Ferdinand and His Siblings

Photo reproduced from Master of Arts in History Thesis entitled Texas-Germans’ Attitudes Toward Slavery: Biedermeier Sentiments and Class-Consciousness in Austin, Colorado and Fayette Counties by Cornelia Küffner, University of Houston, Houston, Texas, 1994, p. 56. Original photo was provided by Hinne Goebel of Soest, Germany.


The book you find before you represents a translation from a collection of letters found in the Detmold, Germany, Archives by Mrs. Anneliese Kastrup of Detmold. Mrs. Kastrup made a typewritten script of the letters from the handwritten collection placed there. The correspondence is dated from 1839 through 1891. Mrs. Kastrup was a descendant of the Engelkings from Schlüsselburg via her descendancy from Ferdinand Engelking’s youngest sister, Malwine Engelking Reuter.

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