Death on Four Legs…

“Don’t wait for me!” Rhiannon the sea elf cried as the first of the human-faced dogs bore her to the ground. “Keep going! I’ll try to catch up!”

Kizer the Wizard, twenty paces ahead, gazed back at her, a mixture of fear and sadness in his eyes. The remainder of the Quest Alliance—the healer, the dwarf, the warrior, and even the other elf—had already fled into the jungle, the rest of the hideous canine pack on their heels. Kizer clearly didn’t want to leave Rhi behind—especially not to face a pair of dog-things alone—but two of the monsters were racing toward him as well.

“Missile!” Kizer cried, and a burst of bluish light blasted from his fingertips into one of the beasts rushing him.

The thing yelped, and its mastiff-sized body staggered as if a beer barrel had been slammed into it. It got up, though, and quickly resumed the chase.

“Try to get into the trees!” Kizer called to Rhiannon from the edge of the jungle. “I don’t think they can climb!”

“Go!” she cried, lying on her back, slashing at the dog with her sword, trying to keep its jaws away from her exposed midsection.

The Alliance Is Broken, but the Tournament of Death Continues…!

* * *

Stephen D. Sullivan

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