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Black Moon

C.L. Bevill

Black Moon

Published by C.L. Bevill at Smashwords

Copyright 2010 by Caren L. Bevill

Chapter One

Black Moon on the rise, ghostly women full of sighs…

A Black Moon – The second new moon of a month, an infrequent event.

The Pacific Northwest –

The woman ran down the dirt track as if fleeing demons from Hell.

Donovan Lawton shifted slightly. Lean muscles rippled down his arms as he pressed his large hands against the ground. Not one of the branches that concealed him moved in response. His green eyes were fixed on the trek of road that lay below his position. If he had wanted he could reach his high powered binoculars, but it wasn’t necessary. A member of the Cat Clan, a werecat by birth, his vision was superior. On a dark night he could see a hundred times better than a human could. On a night that held a waning moon he could see as well as if it was full daylight. However, his enemies and the enemies of his clan, the werewolves of Whitelaw, had similar vision as well and the proximity of his position was dangerous. Staking out the road that led to their enclave required great discipline and greater patience.

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