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Warm Summer Night

By Max G. Bernard

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Max G. Bernard, all rights reserved

It was a warm summer night and a little drizzle had just begun. George looked out the back door of his apartment and decided that a brief walk down the alley with his dog Lucky was just what he needed. He had felt trapped in the house all day and all evening while he did his cleaning in preparation for the visitors he expected tomorrow.

Come on, Lucky!,” he said, “we're going for a walkie!”

George picked up a bag of trash and put the leash on Lucky and headed out back. He dropped the bag in the dumpster in the alley. He and Lucky had made it about half-way down the block, feeling the little pinpricks of drizzle hit their skin and enjoying the cool breeze when...

The spotlight came on from the police copter. “Stay right where you are!,” the voice boomed from the loudspeaker.

Just my luck!,” George thought to himself. “First time in years I try to walk in the rain and I run into a patrol!”

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