Submissive Summer

The Complete Amber Trilogy

Copyright 2013 Cherry Allen

Amber hated Greg while he was briefly her mom's boyfriend. But short on college funds, Amber decides he's the only one left she can turn to for a loan. In exchange for the money, Greg wants her submission and a summer of kinky sex. And Amber really wants to go to college.

Follow the twists and turns of their relationship as they have some of the hottest sex imaginable, and both end up with more than they bargained for.

You get all three stories in the series in this ebook. In Amber's Agreement, Amber agrees to be Greg's submissive for the summer in exchange for a tuition loan. In Amber's Education, Greg and Amber both learn more about submission, domination and each other. In the final story, Testing Amber, Greg becomes more possessive and finds out how far he can push Amber before things change between them forever . . . .

(NOTE: This trilogy is a mirror edition of Worship Your Master, Learn to Obey and Pain and Pleasure, but with the taboo relationship removed. If you've read those stories, don't purchase these!)

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