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Meeting of the Minds

By Max G. Bernard

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Max G. Bernard, all rights reserved

Serving as a law clerk to one of the Justices on the Interplanetary Supreme Court was regarded as an honor (not to mention a shrewd career move) and I was the envy of most of my classmates when I graduated from Chicago-Kent Law School in the summer of 2214. "Helen Catz, intergalactic law clerk!" my classmate Stan Armstrong exclaimed. "Just interplanetary" I reminded him.

My parents--Martha and Betty Catz--were proud of me and even traveled all the way from Venusburg to be at my graduation. It had been quite a sacrifice for them to send me back to Earth for law school. But both of them let me know in no uncertain terms now that they thought I had done them--and Venus--proud. Graduating third in my class at the most prestigious law school on Earth; fending off numerous job offers from Wall Street and London law firms; and getting all the traditional teaching offers from schools ranging from my own alma mater to the rustic backwaters of Harvard. When the offer came through from Justice Roger Brillo IV on the Court, however, everyone agreed that I had done the smart thing by instantly saying yes. Six months later now, I wasn't so sure.


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