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The Radio

Published by Brad Shirley

Copyright 2013 Brad Shirley

Smashwords Edition

I spotted it on the way home from work Friday. The for sale sign on the dusty windshield of an old Chevy Nova that had clearly seen better days. I needed a work car so Judy could have the van, but with money so tight buying another car didn't seem to be in the budget. Still you never know. I whipped the car around and headed back to the single story white frame house where the car sat.

Getting closer I noticed the little Nova had more than its share of dents and rust. Sitting on almost flat tires it had definitely seen better days. Still a second car would be a godsend. I thought if I could buy something like this to drive now and drive it until our money was not so tight then I could find something better. But it looked pretty sad sitting there and I thought I'd better pass on it. With my limited mechanical skills it was probably more work than I wanted to take on.

As I turned to leave a young man came out of the house and said Hi, I'm Greg. You interested in the car?

I said, Oh I don't know it looks like it needs a lot of work.

Greg said, If you'll give me a minute I'll tell you all about it. You might just change your mind. This all belonged to my grandmother and she passed away last month.

I mumbled sorry to hear that.

Greg said Thanks then added she lived to be eighty eight. Other than failing eye sight in her later years she had lived a long life blessed with good health until she passed away. This was the last car she ever bought and she loved it. It was the last car Grandma Kate ever bought and she always thought it was something special. As you can see when she got older she scraped a few fenders in the parking lots. And when she turned eighty the state pulled her driver's license. We tried to get her to sell it but she refused saying she liked to sit in it sometimes and listen to the radio. I don't know why because my parents bought her a Bose system on her birthday for the house a few years back. But she insisted the radio in the car was different.

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