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On the Edge of Words

by Debra Kraft

Text Copyright © 2013 Debra Kraft

All Rights Reserved

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Author’s Foreword

Once upon a time, and now as much as then, I found the words to say what I couldn’t understand. Words have always helped me to find my way through the briars and brambles. In 2004, I pulled my words together into a small, inconsequential book of poetry. This new collection of poems builds from the format of that book. The poems here have grown as I have. They have matured with me through my 1960s childhood to a new era that has me looking toward my own 60s. Many of these poems are old, but reworked. A handful are old and untouched. Others are brand new -- in these, I see some of the mystery of the why of me -- of us -- of everything -- unfolding, although I know the full truth can’t possibly be revealed until my ability to share the words is silenced.

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