Different Dragons


Dandi Palmer


Published by Dodo Books

Copyright Dandi Palmer 2010

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons

living or dead is purely coincidental.


Charlie tried to clutch the muzzle of the large friendly dragon. He lost his balance and frantically flapped his arms like a desperate fledgling to stop himself crashing onto the rocks far below.

“Faster, faster,” urged a voice, hoarse through crunching charcoal.

Charlie flapped faster. Suddenly he was floating on huge wings.

“Soar like a seagull, little one.”

The breeze lifted Charlie. He spiralled high into the air fragrant with barbecue fumes. Below were the pinnacles where dragons of many colours roosted. Their scales glittered in the rays of a blazing red sun.

Charlie soared through the sky, exhilarated. “Whoooooaaaw!” Then he woke up. His arms were wrapped around a pillow.

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