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Bred by the Ape Men

Published by Teagan Winters at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Teagan Winters

For ADULTS Only. All Characters Over 18.


In the midst of a crash landing, Kim's co-pilot seemed to be knocked unconscious. She searched her body for any major injuries, but found no breaks in her helmet or any tears in the suit. Her monitor indicated a lowered but consistent pulse and steady breathing.

"Julia." She tugged on her arm and swiveled her helmet from side to side, trying to elicit some sort of response from the girl. "You need to wake up. Please!"

After the buzzing alarms had become almost unbearable, Kim finally saw some life in the woman slumped over in the cockpit. Her eyelids fluttered for the briefest of seconds, and her lips parted as she took in a gasp of oxygen.

"Oh thank God," the nervous Kim sighed.

As she looked around and surveyed the damage around the cockpit, Kim's heart sunk. Even though her co-pilot seemed to be alright after the incident, their craft didn't fare so well. A large tree limb had penetrated the windshield and grinded through the instrument cluster behind the cockpit. Large shards of glass were all over the floor and crunched under the weight of a worried explorer's heavy boots.

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