How To Attract Men: Sensible Ideas That Gets Men Stick To You Like Magnets

By Stephen Williams

SmashWords Edition

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This book is your secret seduction weapon. Nobody will get hurt, but you will have men's hearts on a sleeve if you follow the dating advice provided here!With the tips in this book you will become irresistible to any man! This book will teach you how to make good use of your true power as a woman!Learn that pursuing a relationship is not easy and that it requires a lot of patience. It does not always happen just like that, as they show it in the movies. Actually, most of the times it requires A LOT of determination and strength to find the right guy: that who is your friend, your lover, your protector. Until then, have fun dating: learn how to flirt but not be slutty and learn how to be seductive instead of bitchy. You will attract men and, in the end, you will attract happiness!The dating scene can be quite scary at times. And not completely without reason, if we take a closer look at it. Most of the times, we feel shy or intimidated by the model of femininity that media is trying to shove down our throats. In consequence, we forget that Hollywood is nothing else than a modern myth factory and that nothing is as real as it seems when it comes to celebrities. We forget that we are the REAL women out there: stunningly beautiful, natural and intelligent. Learn the beauty tips and the dating tips that will attract men in an instant. It takes just a bit of time and even less money! If you thought that beauty can only be bought through implants and expensive stylists, think again: with just enough well taste, you will be able to look good, feel good and date high class. No matter if you are in a bar or in a chat room, you will be seductive and appealing to the stronger of the sexes. And this will be possible with just a bit of time spent on YOURSELF!If you're single and you want to date men that are worth your attention, follow our advice. You will not regret it. Who knows, he might be the one with whom you'll want to build a marriage... You don't need fame or perfection in order to attract your Prince Charming. You just need the how-to. And this is what we can offer you! While we cannot offer magic love potions or pheromone perfumes, we have the tips that will make you sweet as honey to men!Be the kind of girl men like to hang out with! Be the kind of girl men eventually settle with! Be the kind of girl guys like having a relationship with, not just a one night stand! Be the perfect combination between a femme fatale and a nice girl! Learn how to be all these by following our tips!

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