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This book is about Bran 7's life. It's about him not getting along with his mom, being in a group home, not getting along with some of his family members. This book has the pain that Bran 7 went through in it, and how he found extraordinary supernatural connections to Tupac Shakur, how supernatural stuff kept on happening to Bran 7, and how he had mild autism that made it hard for him to communicate, with Bran 7 keeping on trying to heal it, God and him healed it. This book is extraordinary.

Chapter 1 - Beginning

I was born on September 13, 1983 at 7:03 pm in Columbia, Missouri. My full name is Brandon Christopher Napier. I remember living in the country near Columbia, Missouri with my mom and her boyfriend Wesley, my brother Jason and my sister Tasha, and my sister Crystal lived there. I went to school at, Fairview Elementary school, I rode the short bus to school.

One time when I was going to school at, Fairview Elementary School, we went on a field trip to the St. Louis zoo, on the bus on the way back from the St. Louis zoo I didn't feel good, Wesley picked me up from school that day, I was itchy, I had the chicken pocks, that sucked. On Halloween, I went tricker treating with some of my mom's friend's kids, it was in a trailer park near the school that I was going to, when I was trick or treating a kid told me that my dad is coming to pick me up, and he did, he took me to the mall. We walked around, and I got some candy from people that was handing it out, then we sat down at a table at the food court, I was drinking a cup of hot chocolate, then my dad dropped me off at my mom's house.

The next school that I went to was, Mill Creek Elementary School, I was in special ed classes, I had mild autism which made it hard for me to say what I was thinking and my skin is sensitive to cotton, I itch when I wear cotton, except for when I wear socks in my shoes. one time me and my mom was at a little car place on Rangeline, I was sitting in the drivers seat of a car that was there, then the car that I was sitting in, rolled away towards the highway, the drivers door was open, then my mom ran to the car that I was in, then she stepped on the brakes, that stopped the car and the car didn't go into the highway, it could have been a disaster, if my mom didn't run to step on the brakes. I liked ninja movies, I liked ninja outfits, and I liked ninja weapons. when I went to Mill Creek Elementary School, I got along with a teacher helper, except for one time when I got mad at her, I punched her in the stomach, but I like her, one time she came to pick me up at my mom's house, Wesley was there, he said hi, then she said hi, then she asked him did he show you his pink slip, then he said no, then I reached into my pocket inside of my coat, then I handed the pink slip to him, He still let me go with her. She drove me to a store, she got me some blow pops, then me and her went to a basketball game, people were playing basketball in wheel chairs, I had a friend when I went to Mill Creek Elementary school his name is Leroy, one time me and him got into a fight at recess, he punched me in the stomach, it knocked the wind out of me, one time I picked up his broken glasses on the grass at recess, I was playing trying to take it away from him, then he bit me on the side of my ear. I wasn't a bully, but I didn't make a wise decision, me, and Leroy hung out, my mom dropped me off at where he lived, by Everett's restaurant, in a trailer park, my mom worked at Everet's, me and Leroy hung out at where he lived.

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