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Castes Book 5

Trial By Flame

Ivan Turner

In the days before civilization, the days when dark things combed the landscape, three races of people fought for control of their lands. Caught between the aggressive dwarves and the scheming elves, the humans tried to broker a peace and bring about a society in which all three races could coexist. While the dwarves laughed at the idea of peace, the elves dissected the humans' proposal bit by bit. A Constitution, they called it. It brought forth four tenets:

All dwarves are created equally.

All humans are created equally.

All elves are created equally.

All people are not created equally.

In the 21st century, a dwarf police officer named Owen Keefe wants more for himself. Sent on a late shift call, Owen’s place in society is suddenly radically changed by the unexpected events. He is suddenly forced from the police department and yet funded to start his own detective agency by elf councilwoman Evelyn Van Deign. Though her intentions seem honorable, Owen can’t help but wonder whether he has earned his place or he is just a pawn in elf politics. As a detective, Owen finds a new perspective about elves and about humans and about dwarves. His experiences with people’s places in society and their beliefs gives him a broader view of the world. Ironically, this enlightenment only serves to throw the injustices people face under a spotlight. As he watches not just dwarves but humans oppressed, his own attitude evolves. But what can he, as a lone dwarf, do to heal a sick society?

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