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My Step Brother’s First Time

Samantha kicked her comforter off of her in frustration, her eyes going to the tiny alarm clock on her night stand for what seemed like the millionth time. She normally wouldn’t have minded being home alone, but instead of studying like she did every other night, she’d spent the last four hours wondering what her step brother Leo was doing on his date tonight.

Samantha would never admit it to anyone, but from the moment their parents had introduced them, she’d had a huge crush on her now step brother. Before graduating high school, Samantha had lived for the moments when she would ‘accidentally’ bumped into him coming out of the shower, or the days they just chilled on the couch together watching old movies. Getting an apartment together seemed like the perfect idea since they were attending the same college, and neither one of them wanted to live in the dorms, but Samantha hadn’t expected Leo to change like he had over the last six months.

In high school, Leo had been considered a nerd, his long stick straight black hair and glasses completing the look that went with his title. He’d been shy in public but her best friend at home. In the two years that their parents had been married, they’d become close, and Samantha was almost sure that her attraction to him wasn’t one sided. Neither one of them had ever acted of course. They were brother and sister, and even if it was only by marriage, their parents would never agree to them seeing each other.

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