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"So, if you're the Son of God, can you do, like, miracles?"

"Oh yeah!" The Boy cried, excitedly. "One time, I turned one of my teachers into a frog!"

Josh was amazed - that sounded impressive. He wondered what happened to the teacher afterwards, didn't his wife mind being married to a frog?

"But if you're the Son of God, shouldn't you, I dunno, heal the sick or feed the hungry?"

The Boy looked hurt. Another time, he explained, his uncle had been really sick - practically dying. His Mum had been really upset, she was crying all the time. One night The Boy had found a teddy bear his uncle had given him. He got some water from the bathroom and blessed it - like he'd seen the vicar do at church. He dabbed the water on the teddy bear and wished for his uncle to get better.

The following day after school, he found out his uncle was being sent home - he was getting better! The Boy knew he'd done it: he'd cured him.

Josh whistled in appreciation.

"And anyway," said The Boy, "if I'm not Jesus, why else would my birthday be Christmas day?"

Josh couldn't argue with that.

"Wanna go look at the ducks?" Josh suggested, changing the subject.


Rachel and her little sister were walking home.

"There's that loser, Josh!" she hissed. "And who's that scrawny kid with him?"

Josh was weird, she decided. Nobody liked him: he was always on his own. Although last year he was always with that Matthew kid. 'What ever happened to him?' she wondered.

Josh stared at Rachel. Only, it felt more like he was staring through her. She shivered, suddenly cold. He was obviously still angry with her. She'd been dared to stick a sign on his back saying "Loser". It had been on his back all lunchtime, until one of the teachers took it off.

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