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And Demon Makes Three

Sofia Bane

Copyright January 2013, Sofia Bane

Smashwords Edition

Sam, wake up,” an unfamiliar voice murmured into my ear. “I’ve got a lovely surprise for you.”

It was a male voice, peculiarly singsong. Panicked, I tried to stir myself out of sleep, but my chest felt so heavy, my limbs immobilized. “Who are you?” I rasped, fighting to gain control of my paralyzed body quickly. “I’ll call the police. Annette!” I called my girlfriend. There was only darkness – I couldn’t tell if my eyes were open – and if she was sleeping beside me as usual, I didn’t hear her stir.

She’s alive,” the man hissed, “but she won’t wake. Would you like your surprise now?”

No – fuck off.” My arms were weak even when I did manage to lift them, swinging my fists ineffectually into the darkness.

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