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How to Copy Files to Nexus 10

SEO description: This site provides information on how to copy files to Nexus 10. There are different methods to opt for to successfully transfer files to your Nexus10.

Nexus 10 has the easiest and convenient features that lead us to have a perfect experience when it comes to browsing, reading, playing, listening to music, watching videos, etc. When you purchase or buy Nexus 10, you surely love to explore and navigate its features. But to achieve this perfect experience, you definitely would like to mind on how to copy or transfer your files from your PC to your Nexus 10.

Transfer files to your Nexus 10

There are several ways on how to copy or transfer files to your Nexus 10. The steps are the following:

Option 1: Transfer Your Files through USB

1. Use your Nexus 10 USB cable and connect it to your PC. As soon you connect the cable, you will receive a notification or a message that the USB is connected.

2. Go to the Navigation panel and touch the icon USB connected. You can turn on the USB storage that will confirm that you want to transfer or copy files. Later on, you will receive a notification that the USB Storage is currently in use. You will on your PC that your Nexus 10 is connected as a drive on your PC.

3. While transferring, you can’t use your SD Card from your Samsung Nexus 10 or even share your data connection of your tablet with your PC through USB.

4. For Videos, you need to compress your big files to small file size.

Option 2: Use Double Twist

Double Twist is a software use to sync and administer your photos, videos and iTunes music.

1. You need to download DoubleTwist. You can find DoubleTwist from your Google Play on your Nexus 10.

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