How to save Nexus 10 Battery life

SEO description: This site provides the information about how to make the battery of Nexus 10 last long. Following the tips mentioned in this site will give you the favorable experience on using your Nexus 10.

Samsung Nexus 10 has a 9000 mAH lithium polymer battery. It caters 7 to 8 hours of Web browsing, 90 hours of listening to music and 9 hours of watching videos. The battery also can carry out general mix usage or functions admirably such as reading, web browsing, taking few photos and videos, listening to music, etc. These features can’t be enjoy if you don’t know how to make your Nexus 10 battery last long.

To extend the life of your Nexus 10 battery, you need to turn off some features that are not necessarily for you to use. Here are the following apps or features that you might consider to turn off when not in use.

  • You don’t need the full brightness of your screen. Turn down the brightness and you can also set the brightness automatically based on your surroundings or environment. Go to Settings, Device and Display to adjust the brightness.

  • If you are not using Wifi or Bluetooth, go to Setting app to turn the Wifi or Bluetooth off.

  • You can also turn off the GPS. Go to Setting, Personal and lastly to Location access. Don’t run the Maps and Navigation apps when they are not in use. They will use more power and GPS if you keep them open.

  • Turn off your automatic syncing apps. You can set the syncing process of your messages or email manually. To do this, Go to Settings, Accounts, Google account name.

  • If you need to stay in a place wherein there is no Wifi network, then switch your Nexus 10 to airplane mode. Go to Settings, Wireless & Networks and switch to Airplane Mode.

  • You can also set sleep timeout shorter. Just Go to Settings, Device and Display.

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