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How to Perform Nexus 10 Hacks Safely

Many people have gone out to buy the recently released Nexus 10 by Samsung. One reason why they’re buying this awesome device is that the hardware can be accessed by various nexus 10 hacks.

Though its default software alone already displays a high level of awesomeness, some people would still like to get around the tablet’s operating system in order to “improve” its performance and usability. In fact, even if Nexus devices come with locked bootloaders, unlocking the Nexus 10 should be a cinch for many techies out there.

Unlocking the Bootloader is one way of digging further into the device’s OS. It grants the users further rooting as well as to install custom recoveries and ROMs on their device. However, messing with the bootloader is not recommended for just anyone. When attempting to unlock a Nexus device’s bootloader, one must assume full responsibility as no one else is held liable should anything goes wrong with this undertaking.

If you wish to unlock the bootloader on the Nexus 10, take note that it is going to erase all personal data off the device. Moreover, this may VOID the device’s warranty, thus exposing you to repair expenses should troubles arise.

Before doing any nexus 10 hacks, here are some pre-installation tasks for you to perform. This ensures you seamless performance as you attempt to unlock Nexus 10’s bootloader.

  • If you’ve been using the tablet for a short time since purchase, you might want to create a backup of all the apps you’ve installed. You can do this using ASTRO File Manager or Titanium Backup, which is widely used by rooters. This software can also help you restore the apps later.

  • Make a backup of all your personal your data. Put all contacts in an SD card, while you can back up your SMS and call history on Android.

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