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Souls Along the Meridian

by Bill Congreve


To Lauren Ruth Congreve

The Author would like to thank:

Alan Baxter, the Borderlands Collective, Ellen Datlow, Stephen Dedman, Robert Hood, Peter McNamara, Chris Masters, Stuart Mayne, Michelle Marquardt, Steven Proposch, Dirk Strasser, Mark Walton, and Terri Windling.

Published by Blade Red Press at Smashwords

P O Box 170

Jamberoo NSW 2533


All rights reserved. Please direct all inquiries to the publisher.

Collection copyright © Bill Congreve, 2010.

All stories copyright © Bill Congreve. The acknowledgements constitute an extension of this copyright page.

Cover image ‘Parramatta River’ © Halinka Orszulok 2007. Used with permission.

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