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featuring the collected metaphysical writings of White Feather.


Carpet Cleaner

What does it feel like to be a loser? Stop what you are doing and really get into the feeling of being a loser. What is it like? Do you label and judge this feeling to be bad? Is it a horrible feeling? What, exactly, does it feel like? What emotions are at the core of this "feeling of losing?"

Losing means that you are at one end of the polarity spectrum. The opposite end is winning. What does it feel like to win? Is it a glorious feeling? What prize does winning bring to you? Does it make everything right? And what does "right" feel like to you? How does it feel to be right and to win? What kind of energy are you fed by this energy dynamic?

How much are the two polarities dependent on one another? Can we truly know and appreciate winning without also experiencing losing? Can we truly know and appreciate losing without having experienced winning? Can either winning or losing ever be complete without the other? After all, we cannot win unless "someone else" loses, just like we cannot lose unless "someone else" wins.

This is one way we play with each other in this dimension. We pair up to dance the various polarities. It takes two to tango and it takes two to engage a polarity and play out all the parts. That has been our modus operandi for thousands of years and, thankfully, it has allowed us to proceed with our evolution. It has allowed us to navigate this dimension and garner from it what we will need to know in order to move on into the next dimensional frequency

What keeps us from moving on from our polarity dance into the dance of one-ness that will shift our frequency? It is the sticky stuff: judgment, guilt, resentment, anger, fear, and habit. Our sticky stuff adheres us to the polarities we have been playing out. It is easy to get stuck and hard to get out of. It is because of that sticky gooey stuff.

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