Date Responsibly
Volume 1

By Kevin S Carr

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 by Kevin S Carr. All rights reserved. KSC Inc.

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Table of Contents


The Reason…


The Power of Ideals

Standards are a Must

The Importance of Clarity

The Meaning of it All


This e-book, which is the first of four, is designed to serve as the foundation for the groundwork that must be laid so you can achieve greater results when it comes to your relationships and dating experiences. My intent is not to point out your wrong doings or missteps as a woman (who says you’re doing something wrong?). Besides, I wouldn’t dare, as I have no such leverage in your life to do so. My burning desire is to raise your awareness so that you may Date Responsibly. I must be honest, it’s going to be quite a process, but we’re in it together. So let’s settle within ourselves that we will move forward one step at a time. Although it is essential that we start with the end in mind, this book is dedicated to the beginning.

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