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Willpower and Breaking Habits

Exercise and Fitness… The Hard Part

Food… We All Love it

Where To Go From Here

APPENDIX: Sample Workout and Eating Schedule


About The Author


How can I lose weight? The age-old question. Millions of dollars are spent annually on programs, books, diets, potions, and just about anything imaginable that sounds like it may work on our ever increasingly obese population. No one has ever found that one magic pill; although, there are those out there who will try to convince you they have… and will be glad to sell it to you.

In this book, I am not presenting a new fad diet (or even rehashing an old one.) Nor am I suggesting a new workout routine that will magically shed the pounds before your eyes. I am neither a nutritionist nor a trainer, and weight loss is not my area of expertise. I am just a normal person, like you… being pulled in too many directions by work, family, hobbies, and commitments to pay much attention to the slow, constant increase in my waistline… until one cold, snowy, windy, January day when the light bulb went off and I realized what I needed to do.

Now… I can guess what you are saying, “CJ, if you aren’t presenting a new diet or exercise routine, why did I buy this book and how am I going to lose weight?”

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