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There is a natural rhythm that you should try to achieve when sailing across oceans. Many days were just made for no progress. Contrary winds or no wind.

These are golden days.

They are gifts from the gods.

Some days were made for swooping along on sparkling diamond seas with a bubbling white wake.

Other days are cold and wet and melancholy, made for a big card game or a good book.

If you can feel the rhythm and move to it, your life will be enriched.

If you cannot feel the rhythm, if you are anxious to make progress, if you get your greatest satisfaction from seeing good progress on the instruments, then you are doomed to the same old same old from which you are supposed to be trying to get away. Good luck!

Disclaimer: It’s all just a matter of opinion. And as I am usually walking around with my head in a cloud of rum fumes then you would have to be absolutely crazy to believe a single word I say. Good luck, you are on your own

At least, I believe that’s how it is, though the man who told me might have been a liar. Another man said he was, but then he might have been a liar himself, a third person told me he was one. I heard there was a fight over it, but the man who told me about the fight might not have been telling the truth.

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