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Dragon’s Son
Copyright © 2013 Andrew James Cooper
Published by Realms of Varda at Smashwords

All Rights Reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any print or electronic form without permission.

Part One:
My Brother the Morguis


Thorsten—or Huge Thorsten, as the small people of lowland Badelgard called him—had never seen anything like it. Nor had he, at any point in his life, thought he might. The Golden House, home of the High Kings of Badelgard, burning in a towering inferno. A column of smoke rose up high into the sky, easily visible from where Thorsten stood.

Perhaps it was even more disturbing from his vantage point: outside the door of the low-town inn. Now the lowborns, long poorly-treated, could see for themselves the unmaking of the king and his nobles. The outsiders—the foreigners who entered the city—had freed them from their shackles. But were they better off? Food was in scarce supply. The crops had, in all likelihood, failed. Soon starvation would set in.

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