“Jessie, I’m only three months along; I’ll be fine. I’m wearing a sundress, I put on plenty of sunblock, and I promise to drink lots of water and stay in the shade as much as possible. Mitch wanted me to come and you know I wouldn’t miss the ice cream social for the world.” Jessie rolled her eyes and went inside the station to get more desserts.

Lindsay found a chair and pulled it under the shade of the awning by the table. Her pregnancy had been quite a shock, but Lindsay couldn’t love the little peanut growing inside her more than if she had planned for it. She grabbed a bottle of water and began sipping it as she watched the whole town join together for a day of fun.

Digging in her purse, Lindsay found her sunglasses and put them on in an attempt to hide the fact she was cat napping. She had been so tired the last month because of the morning sickness. Lindsay was just starting to nod off when Brad’s familiar voice broke through her sleepy brain.

“You get more and more beautiful every day; pregnancy obviously agrees with you.” Brad Williams was Mitch’s old academy buddy and was the town flirt. Along with being very good looking and one hell of a charmer, Brad was a genuinely nice guy.

“I’m not sure it agrees with me every morning, but thank you. What are you up to?”

“I was going to try and sweet talk Jessie into letting me have some cherry pie, but you may be easier to convince.” Brad gave her his megawatt smile that had all the ladies in town throw themselves at his feet, but it wouldn’t work on her.

“Think again, Buster. I was told to guard these with my life. No way am I going to suffer Jessie’s wrath for you.”

“Spoil sport.” His smile slipped as he stared somewhere over Lindsay’s head. She couldn’t figure out why until he started speaking again. “Hey Mitch, good to see you”

“You too.” Mitch’s words came out clipped and gruff as he moved to stand next to Lindsay’s chair. She sat there watching the two men interact, but didn’t dare say anything.

“I was trying to convince Lindsay here to let me have some cherry pie, but she’s a tough cookie to crack.”

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