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Sex and Wonder (Naughty Fairy Tale Erotica)

By Tamara Clay


Copyright© 2013 by Tamara Clay

Sex and Wonder

Allie lay on the riverbank playing with her pussy. It was a nice enough day for it, bright and sunny with the breeze sailing through the leaves of the giant magnolia tree above her head. She lay on her picnic blanket with her legs spread, the sun’s heat on her bare cunt, her fingers leisurely caressing her clit.

It had been a long day of disappointments already. Her sister, who she was supposed to be having a picnic with, called to cancel saying that she had to go help her boyfriend with something. Probably with sucking his dick, that dirty slut. Allie loved her sister. They were very much alike. But that errand of dick-sucking (or whatever) left Allie high and dry, so to speak.

Instead of canceling the picnic, she said “fuck it” and went to the park on her own. But it had been one thing after another. First, she got lost getting to the picnic grounds. Then when she unpacked her lunch she found that she’d forgotten to bring napkins or cups. But worst of all, she’d left behind her favorite dildo.

Although it was a beautiful day at the park, she hadn’t been disturbed once as she’d eaten her cucumber sandwiches and drank her root beer. So she decided to go with her original plans and give herself an orgasm as a noonday snack, despite not having her favorite toy to play with. But, after only a few minutes of finger work, she was already bored with touching herself.

She really wished she had her purple rabbit dildo with her. No matter her mood, that little toy of hers was always guaranteed to get her there. Allie gave her pussy another token caress. She was barely even wet.

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