Sensual Preciousness: transforming humanity and the Earth through the vision and practices of the intimate embrace of Beloveds

Inspired by the vision and rituals of the Earthfolk

Earthfolk Papers, Volume 1 of 2

by Francis X. Kroncke

Smashwords edition, copyright 2013

Cover design by Mikki Fattoruso,


Sensual Preciousness, Volumes 1 and 2, introduces the Earthfolk and their vision and practices of a spirituality of intimacy. This is a fundamentally distinct way of understanding what it means to be human, and how humans as individuals and communities can interact with each other.

But why is Sensual Preciousness being written? Is it responding to a crisis? Or a discovery? Actually, both.

Chapter1: A Crisis and a Discovery

Crisis. There is a crisis of intimacy which is reflected in the Endless Warring which is the defining characteristic of human history. In the Endless War, the vision of other people is that you—the Other—is Intimate Enemy. In this vision, you, as Intimate Enemy, are someone to be feared and, eventually, dominated and subjugated. Even the most intimate sexual space is defined as an arena where the “War between the Sexes” is waged.

It is a crisis reflected, moreover, in the almost unimaginable fact that there are enough nuclear bombs to blow the Earth to smithereens and, in so doing, vaporize every human being and every living thing. To grasp the Earthfolk vision is, in part, to understand the connections and disconnections between Sensual Preciousness’ spirituality of intimacy and the spirituality of the Endless War with its Intimate Enemy and nuclear bomb. The latter is a spirituality grounded in a millennia old vision, that of the Warrior’s Quest, which seeks to exercise Dominion over all peoples, all living things, including the Earth, itself. It is a spirituality of the individual, described quite often in terms of a Hero’s Journey, on which an Intimate Enemy is overcome, vanquished, slain. The Warrior’s Quester practices “living as if you are my Intimate Enemy.” For the Warrior’s Quester, “you” is any Other who stands to thwart the Quest. The reward, as the Warrior’s Quest ends, is individual victory, enlightenment, salvation.

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