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This crisis of intimacy has assumed a special characteristic since the Warrior has created a weapon he cannot control, namely, the Atom Bomb. The Atomic Bomb’s Mushroom Cloud is the Warrior’s Quest victory icon. It expresses the fulfillment of the Warrior’s Quest imagination which is the act of human self-annihilation. The Warrior’s Quest has always envisioned an apocalyptic End Time, but it was foretold as an event of triumph by the Warrior’s returning god. Now, the Warrior’s final victory is within his own grasp, yet it can only be achieved through an act of individual and total human self-annihilation.

In sharp contrast, the Earthfolk vision is of you—the Other—as precious and Beloved. In this vision, your embrace of an Other effects an intimate convergence which simultaneously makes present each other’s preciousness. When preciousness is made present, you are “you,” that is, an individual in relationship. For Earthfolk, you are “you” only when beheld by an Other. This is a spirituality of intimate presence which Earthfolk describe as a quest of Beloveds. It seeks and finds fulfillment in the immortal experience of communal presence, which Earthfolk call the Forever-Family. This is the communal “we” from which, to which, and in which you exist. For Earthfolk, Forever-Family is comfortably at-home on the Living Earth. Earthfolk’s daily practice is “living as if I am no one’s Enemy.”

Yet, the most telling aspect of this crisis of intimacy is that those on the Warrior’s Quest adamantly deny that there is a crisis! Earthfolk describe those who created the Atom Bomb with its Mushroom Cloud as being, as a people, in post-traumatic stress. They are a psychically and spiritually numbed people who have long forgotten how to ask for help. To Earthfolk ears, they babble on, aimlessly talking to themselves about how happy they are in their Land of Peace and Plenty as they, simultaneously, set about endlessly raping, pillaging and destroying whatever is before them.

With a twist on the macho playground taunt, the Warrior is “afraid of his own Shadow,” here meaning his Dark Side. Even after reflecting on the Mushroom Cloud, the Warrior denies that humans are now living in apocalyptic times. The Warrior denies that the world is engulfed in Endless Warring, and that the Other is seen as Intimate Enemy. The Warrior peers at the vaporized shadows of humans left by Hiroshima’s “Little Boy” atomic bomb and hails them as signs of Victory for the Free World. Earthfolk hold that those who do not see their Shadow (and all aspects of human darkness) are doomed to be controlled by their Shadow.

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