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II. It’s All There in the Classics

III. The Choices People Have to Make

IV. You Are Who You Are

V. Mentor

VI. Paean to Nature

VII. Freshness of Impression

VIII. What is the Purpose of Knowledge?

IX. What the Greek Epics are Really About



Author’s biograpy and books

Reviews of the author’s other works


With respect for

Master Thomas McClary Mercer (1902-1989)


In beginning I must echo the thought expressed by himself, Master John H. Finley, Jr. in 1965: “If apology is desirable for treating great subjects in a small space, it is wholeheartedly offered.” Likewise, my apology to authors of articles read long ago which now escape proper citation.

I extend my acknowledgement and gratitude to a far-flung web of life associates for their influences and assistance in completing this and other works. Thank you. I love you. I thank especially Elizabeth Wolf, who the grey-eyed goddess Athena Alea hath graced with far-ranging wisdom, deep beauty and noble heart. She is my wife, muse, and partner in both Soul*Sparks Books and Good Medicine Consulting.

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