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“How you doin’ killer?”

“Not too bad sir. How are things on your side? How’d the hit go?”

Chuckles. “Just fine. I knew it’d go down just fine. You wanna debrief us on this side?”

“What’s up with the walled-in room, sir? And the whole intercom thing?”

“A precaution. We wondered about some radiation. We were sure you’d understand.”

“Absolutely. Alright, so, yeah. We were set down at the DZ at Oh-four-hundred hours. Intel was good. Unfriendlies were over a kilometer away. Jackson and I found them at the entrance of the compound and took them down.”

“Did they detect you?”

“Not a chance, sir. Jackson did his spookiness and we got them without a noise.”

“How did you disable the target?”

“Base of the spinal column. Pinched him. The old knife hand to the throat at the same time. Gets ‘em every time.”

“So the target was KIA as soon as you hit him?”

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