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The Adventures of Peter Pebble

Wee Dilts


Chapter One

Peter Pebble lived in the forest with his relatives and friends, the

boulders, other pebbles and the rocks. He lived alongside a gurgling snow-cooled creek and each night after the sun went down and a night chill extended over the forest, the ancient boulders would tell stories. They told of volcanic eruptions and of how they had traveled with the glaciers from far away places to where they now resided. Peter and his pebble and rock friends listened in awe to their stories of their amazing experiences.

Peter was ten in human years and as he listened to the tales he longed to create his own adventures. He wanted to tell stories and have others listen to his narrative.

Every night, he’d ask his friend, "Rocky, let’s run away."

Rocky was his best friend and the rock closest to Peter, of course, Peter hadn’t grown into a rock yet. He was still just a pebble.

Rocky answered, "Shush. Listen to them. You're too young to run away."

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