Caution: Erotic story about getting pregnant and letting an interracial, double-team fantasy come true at the same time! Mature readers only!

When Haley goes to a military bar to pick up a hot, young stud to help her make a baby, she expects to seduce an attractive man and take him back to her hotel room. To her surprise and delight, not one but two sexy, black guys hit on her at the same time. Pushing her nervousness and inhibitions aside, she decides to let go and let nature take its course. Being bred by two incredibly powerful men is just too good to pass up!

Haley cast excited but nervous eyes around the dark surroundings of the bar. There were so many strong, handsome men flooding the room with testosterone-filled pheromones that she did not even know where to begin! And any one of these virile, young men would probably suit her purpose. There was a blonde guy in the corner with the shoulders of a linebacker and biceps that bulged with every movement. The tall redhead beside him had an infectious grin and unmistakable good nature. Blonde? Brunette? Redhead? Which to choose? Haley shivered and smiled at the prospects.

The room was dim, and the atmosphere had a a typical pick-up bar feel. Ice clinked in glasses, the music was turned up a little too loud, and the room had a smoky ambience despite the absence of cigarettes. But one thing set this particular bar apart from others. Nearly all of the men had low, crew cut hair, broad muscles, and that eager, ready-for-life attitude of soldiers just out of boot camp. After all, this bar was a common hang-out for the young Marines from the training camp at the nearby base. And tonight, it was chock full of young Marines ready to go out, sow their wild oats, and conquer the world.

While serious on the field, most of these guys had a youthful exuberance in the bar, a playfulness revealing their true age. They were men, but young men. Soldiers with endless energy and stamina. Haley hoped to make one of them, unknowingly, a father—and she intended to enjoy every moment of doing so.

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