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This is a work of fiction and any resemblance between any actual person, living or dead, and any character depicted in this book is entirely coincidental.


The Last of His Kind

The Security Exam

He read the message once again, there was no mistake. He was ordered to report by 1600 hours ship time for random security examination. He had been in the service for almost three standard years; this was the first time he had been selected for security exam.

He leaned back in his chair and considered his options. The security check was a serious problem for him, not because he was a security risk, but rather because of the physical danger of the examination procedure itself. One of the procedures of the security check was the administration of a drug to facilitate the truthful answers to questions. This drug was supposed to be completely safe, but he was not the same as his fellow crewmembers.

He, Mev Van Zehe, was a High Lord of Venda, the last. For Venda was no more, the entire planet had been destroyed by the same enemy that now hunted the ship of which Mev was now a crew member. And it was to guard against infiltration by that enemy that had caused the need for the security examinations to be done.

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