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The Exclusive

Copyright 2013


Latron M

Smashwords Edition

The Joys of Reporting

Carson, what the hell is this?” My editor, John, slammed my story down on my desk. I knew that an article about the city council’s Christmas party would not go over well. It didn’t help that there was no actual story there, no illicit hook ups or stolen funds. I closed my eyes and counted to ten, I knew what was coming next and I really did not want to hear it. “Listen, if you can’t come up with a great, headline making story soon, I am going to have to let you go.”

Come on, John!” I exclaimed. I always did this, I knew that I could convince him to keep me on but I was tired of the threat. I could not, nor had I ever been able to find the sources that would give me the kind of story that legends are made of. The best tip that I could get is that there was a kitten stuck up a tree. Well there was that one story, the one that would have rocketed me up the career ladder but I had traded it for what I had hoped would be better leads on stories. “This is a small town and I am working with what I have. What do you expect from me?”

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