Moving Moosevan, a Sequel to The Planet Dweller.

First published in Great Britain by The Women’s Press 1990

Reviews for Moving Moosevan

Fans of Jane Palmer’s ‘The Planet Dweller’ will be happy to hear that the sequel to ‘Moving Moosevan’ takes the same sardonic view of human nature and science fiction clichés as the first book. This is the sort of book for which the term ‘wacky’ might have been invented; it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it has an endearing, oddball charm…

Lisa Tuttle Time Out

Moving Moosevan … is a lighthearted sequel to The Planet Dweller. It climbs aboard the green bandwagon with its anti-pollution wish-fulfilment- It is a very fast and rather gimmicky sf, full of throwaway comments on Thatcher’s Britain. The plot contains aliens, androids, terraforming, planets changing orbit - everything but the kitchen sink really. There are some nice concepts, such as when the planet dweller decides to move the UK and Ireland a few degrees further south…

Barbara Davies Vector

Moving Moosevan

A Sequel to The Planet Dweller


Jane Palmer

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