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Reviews for The Watcher.

A delightfully witty story blending farce, black humour, a strong thoughtful plot and rich characterisation into a gourmet novel. … Excellent.

SFF Books

Refreshingly devoid of any serious social, moral, human or extra-terrestrial issue, Jane Palmer’s The Watcher flips lightly around the adventures of an Asian teenage girl with no nerves, helped along by a Benson-from-Soap character and an ugly baddie who gets fried by the power source he is trying to steal.

Josephine Saxton New Statesman

Jane Palmer’s The Watcher turns some of these clichés around and her cast list features a middle-aged black android who falls in love with a middle-aged female humanoid. The watcher of the title is a benevolent 17-year-old young woman, which knocks your aging male warlords into the box marked ‘disposable’, methinks.

Adele Saleem 7 Days


The Kybion


Jane Palmer


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