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Chapter 1

Hudson flipped on the radio to the oldies station. Hot Chocolate’s “I Believe in Miracles” came on, which made him smile, and he did a little dance around the kitchen. A few seconds later, the elevator doors opened and there stood his very pregnant mate, Beverly.

I believe in miracles, where you from, you sexy thing . . .”

Oh, hell yeah, that was so true.

His miracle, Beverly, waddled toward him. She gave him a brief smile that didn’t quite light up her soft green eyes, her cheeks a little chubbier than they were nine months ago. Her blonde hair hung in soft waves around her shoulders. Dressed in a long, blue, button-down shirt and black sweatpants, her face glowed without makeup. She was the sexiest thing he had ever seen.

The past couple of months had been hard on her. Their baby kicked and moved endlessly within her belly, giving her very few good nights’ sleep. She had felt ill during the first few months of the pregnancy, but once the first trimester ended, she had felt great. Now they were into the last trimester, and she was back to feeling pretty crappy.

She had terrible heartburn, her body was achy, and she was exhausted. With each passing day, she seemed to be getting a little worse. Hudson hoped that this was not a forewarning of a hard birth.

They had visited three different obstetricians under false names, as they didn’t want a record of Beverly out there. She had pretty much fallen off the face of the Earth as far as everyone else was concerned, and now she called the Six Saviors’ world her home. All the doctors said that the baby was doing wonderfully. There hadn’t been any significant changes in Beverly’s blood work, except the anemia, and they had put her on iron pills for that.

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