Forever Young Irina

Gerald Simpkins

Published by Gerald Simpkins at Smashwords

ISBN: 978-0-9665434-5-2

LCCN 2013903908

Copyright 2013

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Chapters 1-62

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Chapter 1

AUTHORS’ NOTE: This novel is a future sequel of sorts; a stand-alone story. It is not intended to be part of the current sequence of the Forever Young series.

April 2000, Seattle, Washington

Around eight PM Irina was through with the books and called Zoe, who said she would be there in twenty minutes. After some ten minutes, she was surprised to hear tires crunching on the gravel outside, so she turned off the last light and wheeled herself through the door, locking it. No car was in sight, so she assumed that someone had just used Ike’s parking area to turn around. It was balmy and pleasant, and not raining at all, so she decided to just wait there under the porch light for Zoe. Ike had painted the office that day and she was glad to be away from the smell.

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