How to Live in the “I” of the Storm

Wee Dilts

Copyright 2008 Wee Dilts

Smashwords Edition

#Think of the “I” in terms of:1. What it is, 2. What it does,3. How to use it and 4.The “I” and peace of mind

Learn how to apply the tools

Ask a friend to join you in the search for how to live in the “I” or life’s storms

Learn How to stay in the “I” no matter what is going on around you

Violent storms such as tornadoes, cyclones and hurricanes are said to have a center, an eye where the weather is calm with sunshine, light winds and light rain. A quiet place a place that is safe.

While just outside the eye is the eye wall a ring of towering thunderstorms where the most severe weather occurs. It is a place full of turmoil; dangerous and frightening with raging waves and pounding rain.

Life can offer us similar environments, ones where situations around us can be raging with disorder and agitation; This is a situation where everything seems frightening and dangerous.

What you’ll learn in “How to live in the “I” of the storm” is a way to center yourself and live in the “I” of the storm. Learn how to go to a centered place that is calm and serene where nothing else matters.

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